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Baby Subscription Services

From our budget friendly Mini Trunk to our Deluxe model, we have a have a trunk for all budgets. Each trunk will contain a variety of different items from blankets and clothes to toys and stuffed animals as well as other necessities that babies need as they grow.

Each item is chosen specifically for the age and gender of your child and the items will be adapted to their age as they grow! Each trunk will contain different items and they all will be a fun surprise!

Choose your subscription style and length and you're ready to get started. You will receive one trunk per month and each item is hand chosen specifically for you and your little peanut.

Items that could be included in your trunks are:

-Accessories - Blankets, Headbands, Shoes, and more...

-Skincare - Lotion, Shampoo, Diaper Cream and more...

- Clothes - Bodysuits, Pants, Sets and more...

- Toys

- Books

Trunk Style

Mini Trunk

Our most budget friendly option. This trunk will contain just a few items a month that will be fun for you and the little peanut and gives you a little taste of the items that we have available.

Mini Trunk

Starter Trunk

This trunk has all the things you need to begin your parenthood journey. You'll receive one or two more items and a slighter wider variety as well.

Starter Trunk

Essentials Trunk

This box contains the necessary products that babies and parents can’t live without. You can expect to receive a wide range of products such as blankets, teethers, toys, and of course the most adorable little baby clothes as well. 

Essentials Trunk

Deluxe Trunk

This box contains the amazing essential products plus extra special items that we would all love to have. You will also receive 2-3 more items as well as some higher valued items.

Deluxe Trunk

Subscription Length

3 month subscription

Start simple with our shortest subscription plan. A new Little Peanuts Baby Box trunk will ship to you every month, for three months. You don't need to worry about renewing during the three month period.

6 month subscription

Not ready for the 12 month subscription? That's ok. We have a Goldilocks version (not too big and not too small) just for you. You will receive your monthly baby trunk for 6 months with no need to renew during this time. Included in your subscription, you will also receive 1 higher value item in your final trunk.

12 month subscription

Don't have the time or energy to shop for all the items that you need? That's ok! Just leave it all up to us. We will send what you need for a full year. Plus we will send a birthday trunk for free! So you will still receive the 12 monthly baby trunks as well as a birthday trunk (in the childs' birth month) for free! Included in your trunks, you will receive 2 higher value items during the length of this plan.

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We are excited to be part of your journey through parenthood. 

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